Note Up

An Android app that can be used to note down the important notes of the day to day life with a simple UI and it also consist the paint feature. The app UI has a background that of similar to the traditional paper which helps the user to get familiar with the app very quickly.

City Helpline

The project consists of 3 modules the blood bank module which can be used to find the blood availability based on the area and the blood banks available in that area. The next module is shortest distance module which finds the nearby routes and calculates the fare, and the doctor appointment module which can be used to book an appointment with the doctor based on the specialization. Project was implemented using JDK 1.4, JSP, HTML, jSMS Engine My SQL.

Marketing App

With the rise of E-commerce and online trading, which has grown from 2%-3% to approximately 15%-20% has created a major problems for the local vendors retailers and other local shops and businesses, the events like online sale of cell phones and other gadgets on a pre ordering and much cheaper costs have almost disrupted the local business.

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This project deals with the problem that the retailers or local shop owners face in publishing their products and getting a good profit out of it.

This report presents a plan of promoting the local products in an application where in which people can look for the offers placed on products the location of the shop with GPS technology and also the list of product which are available in the shop

The project is divided into two phases, The phase one deals with the user application part where it provides the users the access to view the best offers of the shops , their location from his current location , route map their other shop details such as phone no , COD if exists and the list of other products available in their shop.

Smart Services

This software is basically developed for the automobile sector for service station to overcome the drawbacks in service station such as the customer doesn’t know the process exactly going on inside the service station and the main issue for this is delivery time of the vehicle to the customer after service .

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In order to overcome this issue we are developing a software which keeps the customer updated when he leaves the vehicle for servicing like when the vehicle is in service section , when the vehicle is in washing section and what’s the estimated time for servicing this all updates he can get sitting at home.

This software also supports the service station in following ways:-

• Paper work is reduced.
• Easy maintenance of database of customer.
• Customer satisfactory service
• And advanced technology which might grab customers